Friday, September 28, 2007

Do We Need Youth Ministry? Not If.......Part One

This is certainly a loaded question. The answer is Not If.

Not If youth ministry is tacked on act as independent franchises like Subways in Wal-Mart.

Not If youth ministry simply swings around us like a cross on Madonna's neck that draws the attention of the "big money" to our

Not if ministry to youth is not holistic to the Body of Christ.

We need minstry to youth but not in the traditional way. In my new ebook The Disciple Project (soon to be on Unkommon I offer some reasons why a church should not have a youth group as such. So, here is the first in a series of three. Your comments are welcome. Play nice.

Let the sparks fly,

Paul Turner

Chapter 1: The Discipling Dilemma

Why is it so hard to make disciples in the context of the church today? This is the question on everyone’s mind. With students heading out of the church, across denominational lines we are left scratching our heads. I believe there is another question at work. Why do we want to have a youth ministry or you group anyway? Here are a few of the wrong reasons:

Not if the reason is because, everyone has one ..

I am not opposed to youth ministry, only ineffective youth ministry. It’s standard for most churches that desire to grow numerically to have a youth ministry. Youth ministry in general has become somewhat homogenous. These youth ministries are bland and they litter most towns like run down check cashing and car loan businesses. I think every church should do youth ministry but not necessarily have a youth group unless it’s has purpose and is intricately connected to the Body of Christ.

Youth ministry has become Starbucks or McDonalds in the sense of churches hiring youth pastors like a manger/owners franchise a business. They are like putting Subway restaraunt into a Walmart. It's simply there if you just happen to be hungry. A church fails in two ways when they hire a youth pastor. We give them too much freedom or we micro manage them into the ground. We must not only have a philosophy for youth ministry but a theology for youth ministry as well and how this powerful, passionate group of people fit in and flow with the entire Body of Christ.

Part II Keeping Up With (insert your favorite rival church here)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Whirlwind Tour

Hey Gang,

Well, Sincew Enfuego I ahve been to Eufala Alabama, shout out to the S.P.A.M youth group at First Assembly, I spoke at the lock in for UMC of Hueytown, Al., Carol You Rock!, and joined my friends at Interlinc at Vertical Fest in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Go Razorbacks! (with apologies to my Alabama friends)

Interlinc is the best multi-media minstry out there. If you are not using media to reach your students put down the guitar and step away from the Kumbaya. They offer year long subscriptions to get the best Christian music (15-16 CD'S) every quarter, plus Bible studies to go along with the music (goes well with your small group, midweek, Sunday School, retreats and more), and 4 times a year you get a dvd exploding with the hottest Christian music videos and themed vidoes. The dvd comes with bible studies for each of the music videos and articles on all kinds of youth ministry related subjects. Wheew, ok, enough of the plug! It's just good stuff, visit them at

More news coming soon.