Saturday, July 07, 2007

Not As Easy As It Looks


When I went into the "do your own ministry" thing I was convinced this is what God wanted. I did not know it also would involve 3 nights of setting off fireworks for country clubs in 100 degree heat or weeding and mowing my friends lawn for extra cash. Listen, I don''t begrudge those things it simply wasn't on the agenda; as is most things that God doesn't want you to know about. I find that hard work and God are best friends and what He cannot achieve through in us through our comfort He works out in in our pain and discomfort. No offense to work mind you. So, with that said my mental cannon is reloaded for another round. Like in the movie Transformers "No Sacrifice, No Victory"

Ok, let us jump onto an entirely differnt track. I don't get to watch alot of tv but I found a new show I like called Burn Notice. It's about a spy who is get's burned and has to live in Miami. With a few spy friends cases start to pop up that require that spy touch. Anyway, love the show and it better stay on for at least a few seasons. Hate when I start to like a show and it just goes away.

I mentioned Transformers earlier. I downloaded the theme song from the movie done by the great band Mute Math. I don't remember the song in the movie though. Hmmm, gotta find out why. I also did not stay until the end credits and it may have played there.

I am done with my new brochure and July's Newsletter. Both will be available on for anyone interested.

Next movie to see: Live Free or Die Hard.

See ya at the concesson stand.

Oh, and Big Happy 39th Birthday to my wife Kim!!

Paul Turner

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