Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stupid Things Christians Say


Ya know, when we meet a stupid Christian we usually follow up by saying, "Well, they're well meaning". Well, that does not make them any less stupid. Is stupid too strong a word? Ok, I'll settle for ignorant but I still like stupid. So, you be the judge, are these recent statements made by a professing believer stupid or not.?

I was knew at my job and the person asked me , "What church do you attend?"

I replied, "I attend such and such church"

She said "Oh you are a Jesus loving Christian."

Now, I have no idea what they really meant by that. Coluld they have meant 1. They assume because it was a certain kind of church it met with her approval. 2) It was better than other churches she knew about? or 3) I was a better Christian than others who went to another church? It also aggravated me because she does not know me at all. She immediately made the assumption that because I went to church I was a Christian at all. I think we can all say something stupid like this if we have the "you go to church, you're a Christian" mentality. Ok, stupid or not?

Next on the stupid things Christians say list came out of the same persons mouth not a few days hence. The context for the conversation dealt with their son traveling. He is not a believer. He was doing some adventure travelling (moutain climbing or something) and was staying with Christians in the village. Here is stupid statement #2,

"I am so glad he was staying with this pastor woman, not a Catholic, she really loved Jesus."

Hmmm. Ok, I am saying it right. She was inferring that Catholic people don't love Jesus. Now, Catholics might not love Jesus the way we express love but to say they don't love Jesus? Holy Moly, how many ignorant things can one person say? In fact each person loves Jesus or does not love him differently. Many of us love Jesus conveniently like the guys who date the ugly girls in High School, secretly. These girls put out but in no way do guys want others to say they were "dating them".

We say stupid things all the time

"Our church is best"

"Jesus approves of this kind of music but not that."

"You can't go to heaven unless you are holy enough"

"Jesus is a republican"

"Put your stupid statement here."

Folks, if we want to see others come to Christ we've got to check the cliches at the door. Let us not speak with forked tongues. Our very words (not to mention our actions) may be painting the wrong picture of Christ to unbelievers. Our arrogance and huberis must stop and grace and humility must prevail. Next time you think about saying something stupid, religious or cliche', ask youself, "Does this make any sense at all or is this just something I say?"

Out of our mouth comes life and death. Let's speak life, especially in front of those who do not know Christ yet. Foolish may be standard for believers according to the world but being stupid is optional.

Let the speaks fly,



Alana said...

Humph...if you'd really like to add things to your list that 'stupid' christians say-you should try working at a Christian bookstore. [I'm too blessed to be depressed and to saved to be stressed!]

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