Friday, December 21, 2007

Atheist Sunday School?

Sunday School for Atheists

Ok, I admit it, I stole a Time magazine from the Dentist office. I was fascinated by an article called Atheist Sunday School. Curious about what they do?

Well, according to the article they attend the Humanist Community Center in Palo Alto Cal. to :

1. Sing songs like Unique and Unrepeatable?

Ok, the fact that they sing a song like this blows my mind. I agree ever kid should feel this way. Self esteem is important. But what do you say when they ask "Why are we like that mommy?" do they answer "Well honey, it's not really true. We all evolved from the same sludge and we are complete accidents. Oh, and after we die there is absolutely nothing. Have a great life." Ok, I agree that is a simplistic answer and I'm sure they have some secular way of dealing with that but still. The song just caught me off guard and it was begging for a rant.

2. Read stories like Stone Soup.

This is a good story. I remember it from my elementary days. It's about community and everyone joining in to make soup, everyone doing their part. To believers, this a picture of the church. Parents have a hard enough time answering the question of where do zebras get their stripes. How parents share stories of relativism and split hairs to make their point of view make sense I don't know. I am glad for Scripture we can stand on. I'll take the parable of the Good Samaritan over Stone Soup any day.

3. Share stories of Free Thinkers.

This is how Time magazine describes it: {an umbrella term for atheists, agnostics,and other rationalists) like black abolitionist Frederick Douglas. Well, as for free thinking I think they are not letting their kids think freely are they? In fact one parent who is an atheist started to come to this class because their son was told some stories from the Bible. She said her son began to believe these remarkable stories and wondered why his mother had not told them to him before. Well, shouldn't the mother have said, "What do you think son?" So much for free thinking. I'm glad I don't have to convince anyone of anything. I am willing to love the atheist but it seems they are intolerable of us and must train their children to guard against believing in God.

The final quote from the article is from an 11 year old girl who is in the class. She says, " I'm a person that doesn't believe in myths. I'd rather stick to the evidence."

Well sweetie, the only evidence here is that your parents have decided for you that disbelief is the only belief.

Let the speaks fly.


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