Sunday, April 29, 2007

The End Is Near

Hey Everyone,

Well, after much fence sitting I have decided to take the D-Project where ever God and others will have it. After five years at my church my restless heart can take it no longer. I must do what I feel God has placed there. My resignation is an amicable one. I will still be attending our church and helping where I can. My passion is to speak and preach and train and so I finally give in. It's a scary place to be with a wife and three kids but God is faithful. I am trusting Him entirely. For more information on the D-Project please visist

There are always those who will hate you. For whatever reason. Every church has them. I got word tonight of a group of students and some young adults who have their opinion of me which is fine. There will always be those in the church who take up space and will by their own ignorance tear a church apart. They are the preverbial drunk driver who crashes and kills a family of 5 only to get out of their car unscathed while a fireball explodes in the distance punctuating their devastation. Every church has them. Meaningful, misguided, disobedient and pharisiacal parasites who seek to use the church rather than be the church because they cannot cultivate a spiritual life of their own. Paul was right when he wrote that the love of many would grow cold. It is this icy heart that keeps away the lost and allows only those of similar frigid existence to join them like ice cubes in a tray.

I write this to vent but also to detach from the negativity that seeks to bind me. I also cannot become too bitter for fear I would become like them and less like Christ. No, I shall do for them what they have refused to do for me , pray. This is not self-righteous it is self-preservation. To not pray allows the poison from the darts they shoot to travel quickly through my spiritual blood stream to my heart, my passion and my relationship with God. I will pray that God will teach us all and that our disagreements will not ever be desparaging and keep onlookers and seekers from experiencing this God of love and forgiveness we profess. To much our God resembles the monument made to the Unkown God in the book of acts.

And before you should ask me to get off my cross because we need the wood consider your own heart, your own hurts inflicted by those who would claim the name of Christ. I end this by saying Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice!! I have the victory through Christ. Thankyou for listening my next post shall be a clearer, leass tainted, more informed and a more spiritually enlightened post but for now thank you for allowing me to share my burden.

Let the speaks fly.


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