Thursday, May 24, 2007


Hey All,

Thought I'd make a few observations about my last night "in an official capacity" as One Student Ministries full time youth pastor.

Well, the students were slow getting there but that is normal :) I was in the prayer room where we try to pray for at least 30 minutes before the message. There was no strange glow but there was a great anticipation in my heart. I know I had heard from the Lord concerning what I was to speak.

Some old friends and students showed up to cheer me on. One of those faces was a student who I had a tense/tight relationship. She was one of my student leaders and a great person. I was a bit nervous at first but she came in and greeted me. It warmed my heart. It was like God's kiss on my soul. How beautiful it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity. I felt like our group was living up to it's name:ONE. We had always strived for ONEness.

As the evening wrapped up I took a moment and looked around at laughing faces, deep discussions, and people stuffing themselves with cake. We never know or understand our impact as youth pastors let alone as people. I must say I felt a great peace. A great assurance that the Lord was in it. Not that the road was not going to be rough for the both of us but that even that was ok.

I gave up a title not a calling. To be honest sometimes I felt dirty even being paid to be a youth pastor. A full time worker paid to build relationships and build a program feels dirty some how. I know in my head that it is just, fair, and biblical to be paid. I wanted to love students without pitching another program. I wanted to give to them with out expecting their attendance, participation or allegiance. I didn't want it to be a trade off. I did not want to have hidden motives. I know this may sound silly and idealistic but I guess I am a purist in some ways.

Sin has certainly taken it's toll on the "perfect" Teacher/Disciple relationships. Jesus did it though. He knew full well the the lack of commitment he'd encounter and the shallowness of humanities spirituality. He called, He led, he died, he lived again. Then, these shallow, misbegotten, often childish followers stepped up. A passion gripped their hearts and power came upon them to do the impossible. I don't know how many of the students I have led to Christ and discipled over the years went on to disciple others but I prayer there were at least a few. We can't be sure of much but we can be sure that heaven shall reveal and test the work we have done. As the title Lenny Kravitz song pleads "God Save Us All".

Let The Sparks Fly

Paul Turner

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