Thursday, November 22, 2007

Apocalyptic Thanksgiving

Do you know who this woman is? I'll explain in a minute why she is important and why she just flashed in my head.

Ok, this is like a nightmare I had while I was awake. I was driving along it is a cool, fall, Alabama day. I was thinking about my life and my conspiracy as well as biblical theories about where all this is going. The leaves were blowing and suddenly I was transported to the finale scene of Terminator 1.

The picture you see is of Sarah Conner. She defeated the terminator who had come back from the future to kill her so she would not give birth to a son who would grow up to end the robot revolution. Ok, think I'm weird yet. Not over yet.

So I found the scene in You Tube but the embed was taken off otherwise I would have shown you the clip in full. Sarah Conner talks into a microphone to one day share with her son all that had taken place. She stops for gas and you see a small latino boy and he says, " hay el venir de la tormenta." in english, "there is a storm coming" to which Sarah Conner says, "I know".
I know, what you are thinking, "Only from Paul Turner's head". Hang with me.

Now, there are a few analogies I'd like to make:

First, Jesus, Savior of the world, was almost murdered before he grew up and was also almost tossed off a cliff. He was plotted against because the religious figures saw him as a threat. He was tearing the system apart.

Second I like the word tormeta as the word for storm. It seems appropriate. A storm is uncontrollable and people often say, "we'll just have to ride this out."

Maybe it's just my personal life but I often feel a "tormenta"coming on. A spiritual twister of emotions out of control threatening to tear my life apart. They are brief but they are terrible. Prayer helps but until Jesus says, "be still" I just have to ride it out. Storms will always come to us personally but also to our nation and only Jesus can stop it.

Some wild thoughts when we ought to be eating or for some drinking, wild turkey.I just thought this was bizarre enough to post so all may comment.


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