Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why Don't Football Players Go Wee Wee After the Game?

This was the question asked and sparked the research of Dr. Robert Cade at the University of Florida. Robert Cade began to experiment with the sports drink to help the foot ball team replace valuable electrolytes and nutrients during the game. Gatorade was invented as a result of asking questions. You may be trying to figure out a problem by looking to answers. It sounds like the best ideas are found by thinking of the questions.

why don't students want to come to church?
Why don't they want to stay in church?
why don't students want to have a devotional life?
why do they smell like that?

You get the point. Start with questions and then brainstorm the answers. Who knows maybe you'll invent or reinvent a much needed resource for the youth ministry world.


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