Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Taking A Potty Break

Ok, so I didn't mean to be this graphic......ok i did. For those who may not know I have been working at Lipscomb Elementary School for the past 3 months as a part time janitor. My jobs was, but not limited to, cleaning toilets, sinks, and sweeping and just recently carving pumpkins. Lipscomb is a great school with great, committed teachers, who I will miss. I will be going back for visits.

This is my last day and to be honest I will not miss the task but I will miss the learning experience. Just like their is a war to fight and you cannot stay in boot camp even though it was your hight point of learning. I am off to fight a few wars and probably will wind up back in a spiritual boot camp to prepare me for even a greater war. There were days that I simply stared at these toilets wiling them to explode with no results, they had to be cleaned. Perseverance is a wonderful quality until it is beginning to be worked into your own life.

I am off to St. Louis to stump for my new digital publishers We'll be working a booth there so please say a prayer that all that God intends will be prepared for and received by us knuckle heads. When I will return I will start sub teaching and possibly pursue a degree, we'll see.

Thanks all,


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