Friday, January 11, 2008

Release the Hounds!!

If you are a fox hunter or prison guard after an escaped convict you would know the saying, "Release the hounds!!". Or, if you ever saw the Jerry Seinfeld commercial for Chevron. I can't help but think that students are hungry to do more, say more and find more meaning. They are hunting it down like bloodhounds. When we do for students what they should do for themselves we throw them off the trail. the scent is gone. Students will pick up the trail that leads to expression and individuality. We lose students not because we expect too much but too little or nothing at all.

We are in week two of training for The Disciple Project at Graysville and I can see hunger begin to return. For the past two weeks I sat back and allowed our worship leader to start the service. She is a great worship leader. She want to good so she'll glance at me or ask me when do we want to start. I will answer with a questions, "When do you want to start?". She is getting used to the fact that someone trusts her judgement. Someone believes in her and the other students of this ministry. We have the unique opportunity to see a student led ministry emerge discover who they should be in Christ and to allow their passions to drive ministry. I love them to much to allow anything else.

Do you have students chomping at the bit to lead or do have students who look to you to get the service started? How can you have a a more student led ministry? How can students try and fail like real disciples? Here's a few tips:

1. Get out of the way. Are you consumed with having the perfect service? Hand off as much as you can and keep what you are good at.

2. Is there a class you require for leaders? Can you shorten it or eliminate anything that throws your kids off the scent?

3. Create space for change. Let something(programs, trips, etc) die that do not lead to kids leading and let kids fill in the gaps.

4. Get over yourself. Don't let pride or excuses keep you back from seeing God do tremendous things through students. let them steal the show and God will get the glory.

If the leash you are holding is burning your hand from holding students back; then I say, "Release the hounds!!"

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