Monday, January 28, 2008

Does Your Youth Ministry C.L.I.C.K?

Hey All,

I found this little nugget in an e-book called Testify from Creating Customer Evangelists. They include a chapter on how the NBA Seattle Supersonics overcame their negative customer service. They installed a system called C.L.I.C.K. with all employees:

Cummunicate Courteously with our guests
Listen to Learn rather than listen to respond
Initiate Immediately so guest's concerns are met quickly and effectively
Create Connections so guests know they are among hospitable friends.
Know your stuff so guests know they are interacting with professionals

This is a good acronym. How are you doing with your youth group? Are you clicking with them?
Are you clicking with your parents? How about with your pastor? Trying coming up with your own acronym for click so you can ensure that every time you engage students in your youth ministry meetings and your church you will be leaving them with a great impression.

For the past year I have committed myself to empower youth workers locally and nationally. I made a deal with God. I wanted to live by faith outside the administrative office of youth pastor. I must say the jury is still out on what direction I will take after my one year deal is up. I covet your prayers. If I can serve you in anyway please let me know.

Paul Turner

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