Friday, February 01, 2008

The Passionate Youth Worker Part Uno

Have you ever stood in front of your apathetic, passionless students and wondered, "What is wrong with these people?" If I had a dollar for everyone one of those thoughts, let's just say I would be writing this from a beach somewhere sipping virgin daiquiris. Passionless students could be the result of a passionless youth worker. Now, that does not mean that the youth worker does not love God or their students. Let me offer a few ideas to raise the passion level of your group.

Enthusiasm and passion play a large part in motivation.

When you are plugging your next event are you excited about it even if it''s a lock in? it's hard to be excited about everything so pick an event of the month to put all your energy and enthusiasm behind. If we are passionate about too many events our students passion will be divided.

Did the students plan it? Or is this just another great idea from the youth worker?

The more students plan and have input into to the more excited they will be. You can always refer to the last leadership or planning meeting you had to remind those students of the time and effort they put in. Better still allow your more excited students to get up and announce the event for a few weeks.

Be passionate about the tough stuff.

This would be a no brainer except for the fact that some events may be mandated by your church or pastor. Students will know when you are excited and when you are not. Gain courage and throw yourself into that mandatory event and then figure how to put a twist into it, how to make it uniquely your own. This way you can still pull off the event and be proud to promote it to your students.

Be positive in the face of fear.

Fear can often steal our passion. We maybe afraid that no one will come or no one will like the event when they get there. You have to be the most positive person about it. Your even may have challenges and maybe even some clunkyness but even that can be turned around to make the event memorable but you have to stay positive. Your positive attitude will be infectious and others will catch on and spread that attitude around. Suddenly, you got the best event going.

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Alana said...

Another idea is that you could hire out people like me just to come and do the announcements!