Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Passionate Youth Worker Part Tres or 101 Uses For A Dead Youth Group

Here is the second part of the quote on civilization from Clark in the book How The Irish Saved Civilization.

"People sometimes think that civilizations consists in fine sensibilities and good conversation and all that. These can be the agreeable results of civilization but they not what makes up a civilization, and a society can have these amenities and yet be dead and rigid."

Ok, another wow moment. This quote captures what youth groups have devolved into. Youth groups have lot so stuff. They have building, programs, etc and yet these things do not a church make. It is possible to have all the resources and none of the life of Christ. So, what do we do to breath new passion and life into our youth ministries. I have two suggestions.

1. Take stock of programs that do not bring life.

Go through all the things you do with your youth group. What brings life and knowledge in Christ? What lights the fire of your students? What brings groans or great resistance? Give programs a face lift and lobotomy if it does not urge students on in their walk with Christ.

2. Have a youth group funeral.

Maybe the whole thing is dead. Why not have a formal service with eulogy and a grave with a tombstone. Each member could offer a few words like when the group was created, past achievements and surviving members. After the service gather again in three days for a resurrection service with new ideas and goals.

In the vein of the eighties book "101 Uses For A Dead Cat" drop me a line for "101 Uses For A Dead Youth Group"

Let the fun begin.


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