Friday, February 29, 2008

20 Things I Learned This Past Year

Almost a year ago I decided to slip into ministry detox like Amy Winehouse should slip into reality, with diligence. I had and have strong feelings about church; I am investigating my calling and searching out how I might best serve the Kingdom.

This search involves me going back to school. I received my letter of acceptance from Jeff State today. How cool is that? Almost 40 and starting over. What a kick. I did not choose a Christian college but the public campus where the public discourse invigorates me. I like different opinions. I am still leaving options open to full time ministry but I can't force it, God will have to move.

So, What did I learn?

1. I over estimated my appeal and underestimated my resolve.

2. Economics change fast.

3. The grace of God is real.

4. I really like my family.

5. I like substitute teaching.

6. I am still committed to this and the next generation of teenagers.

7. My faith is better when challenged.

8. The devil is a liar and a big fat goober.( I knew that, but this year confirmed it)

9. My marriage was stronger than I thought.

10. Help did not come from the familiar but from the foreign.

11. God does love me more than the ministry.

12. I am a better and worse writer than I thought (this is the becoming)

13. I had not used up all my ideas and God's creativity blossomed.

14. People will let me disciple them without a title.

15. All those promises of reading my Bible with all my free time was a big lie.

16. You have to keep trying. You only fail when you give up.

17. I learned how special a Boys and Girls Basketball team could be (we were champs)

18. I am still competitive and love to win (see above)

19. Life is both fragile and resilient. Fight and you win.

20. I want to continue to live a life of freedom from oppressive religion and pursue good conversation with friends (thanks Shaylon!), good movies, good music and good books.

"we are in such a hurry as to arrive at who we will be we become blind to the part where we are becoming" This year has been about becoming. I almost missed that. I may be doing it all over again. We'll see.

Please join me and my family in prayer as we make decisions for the future. Thanks.

You don't need 20 things but if you have learned anything about me this past year feel free to send me a few comments.


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